Management Advisory

It is quite common for Managers, Owners and Entrepreneurs to face stress, inefficiencies, lost opportunities and decline in profits from being overburdened and having inadequate resources or expertise. These expertise gaps can be a result of growth, reconstruction, changing business or industry conditions and merger or acquisition. Your business may not need full time expertise but rather short-term, interim, project based or ongoing on a part-time basis.
Voyage aids by providing hands on management advisory service, which enables you to focus on the most efficient use of your time and available resources. Voyage Consultants are experienced and proven entrepreneurs, executives & managers who deliver exceptional value and help you change with time.
Support Consulting consists of hands on Business Research, surveys and training for your company that can easily be outsourced by getting in touch with Voyage.

Business Academic Research, Surveys & Training

As a trusted provider of business research, market surveys and data analytic, we, at Voyage, offer comprehensive secondary business research or primary data collection and analysis for all industries. We help you in acquiring a strategic edge over your competitors through an overview of your target audience demographic, or their buying patterns, we offer an entire range of business research services that will enable you produce and implement the most cost effective and beneficial business strategies.
Our training and development solutions are designed to help organizations and individuals improve operational competence and skills – core enablers of sustainable business development and competitive advantage.


  • • Business Feasibility
  • • Economic Research
  • • Market Surveys
  • • Data Analytic
  • • In-house operational Training

Research & Publications

Open Access publishing for the Community of Researchers

  • • We strive for a future where all researchers are motivated and ready to work •together. 
  • • We are trying to empower researchers with the tools and services they need to do so.
  • • We wish to remove all the barriers that stand in the way to learn and gain knowledge. 
  • • We aim to maximize the impact of academic research through openness and global collaboration.
  • • We truly believe that knowledge is best disseminated when research is open


We offer creative ways to grow your business, attract customers, re-imagine your brand. We are a team of marketers, designers, writers, programmers, innovators and dreamers. Voyage caters to many aspects of marketing such as advertising through targeted online ads and promotions on popular platforms. We assist in branding and helping your business create and identity and trademarks via web design and social media management. Voyage consultant are also experts in organizing physical and virtual events.

Advertising: A unique advertising strategy will be developed catering to your business needs. This strategy will contain a blueprint to help sell a given product to targeted consumers.

Events: Voyage specializes in hosting corporate events that range from formal galas to a causal company night out with colleagues. Just let us have a peek at your vision and we will make it reality.

Branding: Branding is essential for any company that is attempting to grow and take their business to the next step. Branding can range from creating an online presence for your business to launching a branded product for promotional purposes.